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JA Designs FiveM

SADOT Livery Package

SADOT Livery Package

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This design is unique but simple. We've created a completely inventive design with a touch of style for you to drive around San Andreas. The quality of these are insane and it supports so many models which can be found here and other major developers.

Models Supported:
2013 RAM Crew Cab Tow Truck - JA Designs
2016 RAM Crew Cab DOT Trucks - JA Designs
Security 2018 Charger - JA Designs
2018 F150 DOT Truck - JA Designs
Security 2018 Tahoe - JA Designs
2018 Generic DOT Pick-Up Truck - Ferious
2021 DOT Pack - RedSaint
2022 Towtruck Flatbed Pack - Trooper Corentin
Tow Truck Package - Code 3 Development

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