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Retail EUP Package Remastered

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This EUP pack is a gigantic retail pack which includes EUP from many different stores within GTA and the real world! Inside the pack is a range of different items you can use for your servers. It's also compatible with all our other EUP bundles in the store.

The pack includes clothing from:
Amazon, Bennys Motorworks, Best Buy, Burger King, Coca Cola, Dominos Pizzeria, Dunkin Donuts, Facebook, Fed Ex, IMSS, In And Out, KFC, Lays Chips, Los Santos Customs, Mcdonalds, Pacific Standard Bank, Papa Johns Pizzeria, Pizza Hut, SecuroServ, Starbucks, Subway, UPS, UwU Cafe, Vanilla Unicorn, Walmart Shopping Center, and YouTool.

The pack includes:
- 51 Polo Shirts for both Male and Female
- 1 Cargo Pants for both Male and Female
- 26 Caps for both Male and Female

That makes for over 102 shirts, and 52 caps total for you to use at your own disposal to create some amazing unique roleplay within your server today!




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