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JA Designs FiveM

SAFR EUP Package Remastered

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This long awaited project finally hits the stores. The most detailed and advanced Fire EUP out there bringing awesome sets of gear for you to use in your servers.

This package includes:

- Class A,B,C Uniforms
- Formal Uniforms (For Events)
- Tactical Gear
- Rapid Response Uniforms
- T-Shirts (For numerous ranks, and companies)
- Polo Shirts (For Firefighter, Command and Supervisor)
- Air Support Uniform
- Custom Turnout Gear
- Custom Backpack
- Custom Medals
- Life Vests and Equipment
- Helmet Textures for Code 5 Mods MSA Helmet
- Lanyards
- Fire Investigation Uniforms
- Wildland Firefighter Uniforms
- Jackets (Raincoats, Bomber Jackets, Light Jackets)
- Jumpers
- Custom Hats
- Rank Insignias
- Custom Badges
- Addon EUP
- Male and Female Version

Grab it now, amazing offer and plenty of options. Over 500 Files!!

Want to test this EUP? Visit the Test Server and have a look!

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