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JA Modifications LTD

SAST Livery Pack

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This SAST Pack is a unique design never seen before in the FiveM Community. We are bringing you the design for a cheap price supporting OVER 50 TEMPLATES with OVER 70 TOTAL LIVERIES, you can't miss out. This pack is perfect for those San Andreas State Roleplay Servers and fits amazingly with our other products to astonish the high detail. The pack comes with multiple subdivisions such as: Patrol, K9, SWAT, Speed Enfocement, Air Support, Motor Unit, Marine Unit and Off-road Division.

Supported Templates and Developers

The pack supports so many developers that it's impossible to list all of them. The pack you have right now VERY Likely will have some supported models, below you will find ones which will support ALL.

Some Extras include

Total Templates: 61
Total Liveries: 81

Unsure if your pack will work? Open a Ticket in our Discord and we will check for you

Need help installing? Open a ticket in our discord and we can do this for you.

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