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Detective Vehicle Package

Detective Vehicle Package

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A one in a life time package! This pack is amazing for all your departments. Comes with a ghosted state livery and unmarked and has some amazing brand new parts ready to be used in your server.

This package includes:
- 2011 Generic Sedan
- 2013 Generic SUV
- 2013 Generic Sedan
- 2014 Generic Sports Sedan
- 2014 Generic SUV
- 2016 Generic SUV
- 2018 Generic Sports Sedan
- 2018 Generic SUV

Everything on these cars is unique! Right down to the last light you can change absolutely everything including:
- Extra's & Modkits
   - Antennas
   - Rambars
   - Spotlights
   - Wraparounds
   - Grill Options
   - Partition
- 360 Environmental Lighting
- Templates Included
- 4K Livery
- Realistic Lighting
- Red & Blue and Blue & Blue Options

Want to try before you buy? Head to our test server
and type /cars in chat to see everything! 

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