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JA Designs FiveM

Los Santos County Sheriff Livery Package

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Take a look at our amazing brand new livery package! This one has multiple offers including Patrol, Transparent Liveries, K9, Motor Unit, Speed Enforcement, Air Support, Marine Unit, Supervisor and SWAT. 

This pack is the perfect addition for your server bringing style right to your doorstep. What's better than this when it supports so many models too! Every vehicle is a 4K Livery and completely unique LORE Friendly; It works so well with our newest EUP Package. Even if you don't like the colour, no problem! You can use our Transparent liveries where you can have any colour you want! (Even pink -_- )



JA Designs Liberty II Package
JA Designs Liberty I Package
Trooper Corentins Liberty Pack
Trooper Corentins 2021 Valor Pack
Trooper Corentin's Bike Pack
Trooper Corentin's Speed Enforcement Pack
Trooper Corentin's K9 Pack
Ripple's Liberty II Pack
Ripple's Legacy Pack (2014 RAM Not Included)
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Extra Vehicles Supported

JA Designs Police Boat
JA Designs Speed Enforcement RS6
JA Designs Speed Enforcement Charger
JA Designs F250
JA Designs State Trooper Tahoe
Trooper Corentin's Bearcat
Trooper Corentin's 2021 Generic Sports Car
Trooper Corentin's 2021 Generic Electric Sports Car
Trooper Corentin's Snowmobile
Trooper Corentin's Police Boat
Ferious' Pitbull
Paul Modifications Gator
Essential Modifications Nissan GTR
Ripple's Search and Rescue F250
Code 3 Development's AS350
Code 3 Development's AS365
Code 3 Development's Bell 412
Code 3 Development's EC135
Code 3 Development's Seahawk
RedSaint's Little Bird
Redneck's Small Boat
Redneck's Large Boat
RedSaint's Quad Bike



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