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SAFR Volunteer Livery Package

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This is a small livery package perfect for those roleplay servers who want something small for their Fire Departments. The pack is spaced into 3 colours, Red, Green and Blue. Each colour designates a District in San Andreas. These are Los Santos, Blaine County and Paleto Bay. What's better than highly detailed and clean liveries to fit perfectly for your server? Look no further.

Supported models:

Pierce Velocity Engine - Trooper Mikey
2016 RAM Brush Trucks - RedSaint
2020 RAM Brush Trucks - RedSaint
Ambulance V2 - RedSaint
F550 Brush Trucks - RedSaint
Pierce Arrow Pack - RedSaint
Squad Truck Pack - RedSaint
Pierce Velocity Engine - Ripple
2014 RAM 2500 Wildland Brush Truck - Ripple
2019 FORD 550 Wildland Brush Truck - Ripple
F550 Ambulance - Ripple
2021 EMS Fly Car Pack - JA Designs
2016 Explorer - Redneck
2020 Tahoe - Redneck
Fire FPIU - RedSaint
Fire Tahoe - RedSaint

Want this livery on your model? Open a commission ticket in our Discord and get it fit to your model!

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