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SAFR Livery Pack

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Welcome to the San Andreas Fire Rescue Livery Pack. This pack is an outstanding livery pack which has flew off the shelves for months with rapid growth and updates. A completely unique design and detailed allowing your roleplay server to drive around in style to their firefighting needs.


  • 32 Supported Models with over 50 different textures
  • 4K Liveries
  • Reflective Chevrons
  • Each Command car has a Medic Livery also
  • Unique Liveries
  • High Quality and no clipping contents

Included Vehicle Templates:

  • 2015 Pierce Velocity Ladder Truck [JackTheDev]
  • 2020 Ram Battalion Truck [RedSaint]
  • Bell 412 Helicopter [Medic909]
  • EC145 Medical Helicopter [Medic909]
  • Fire Charger [RedSaint]
  • Fire FPIU [RedSaint]
  • Fire Tahoe [RedSaint]
  • Rescue [TrooperMikey]
  • Ford 550 Ambulance [Ripple]
  • Arrow Pack [RedSaint]
  • Ford Ambulance [RedSaint]
  • Squad Truck Pack [RedSaint]
  • AS365 Helicopter [Medic 909]
  • Rescue OLD [Trooper Mikey]
  • Rescue NEW [Trooper Mikey]
  • 2018 Pierce Enforcer Pack [JackTheDev]
  • Fire F250 [RedSaint]
  • Fire FPIS [RedSaint]
  • Large Boat [Redneck]
  • Small Boat [Redneck]
  • Blackhawk/Seahawk [Medic909]
  • RAM Brush Truck [Ripple]
  • FORD Brush Truck [Ripple]
  • Pierce Velocity Engine [Ripple]
  • Freightliner Engine [RedSaint]
  • Freightliner Tanker [RedSaint]
  • Freightliner Rescue [RedSaint]
  • Freightliner Wildland [RedSaint]

Need help installing? Open a ticket in our discord and we can do this for you.

Want to try before you buy? We have our Vehicles available to test before you buy them, come check them out!

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