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BCSO EUP Package

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This is one of our TOP Sellers. A complete EUP Package perfect for Roleplay servers, FivePD server or whatever you wish to use it for. This is a must have and for a good price too.

  • Patrol
  • K9 Unit
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Motor Unit
  • Marine Unit
  • Search and Rescue
  • SWAT
  • Air Support

Each division includes its unique features and items such as:

  • Life Saving equipment such as Life Jackets and Hard Helmets
  • Hard Helmets
  • SWAT Gear
  • Motor Helmet/Pants
  • Campaign Hat
  • Jackets for both patrol & K9
    And many more!! (See photos)

Get this today to go along side your BCSO Livery Pack, you won't regret it! OUT NOW!

Need help installing? Open a ticket in our discord and we can do this for you.

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