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This is a paid role involving you and the community. Your role is primarily community based meaning you need good customer service skills and be able to speak with people with confidence knowing exactly what you’re talking about. This role can become a good way to connect with people and meet some amazing customers and gain skills in the technical sides of liveries and EUP. 

What does the role involve?

As Technical support you will be the frontline of helping customers with their support they may need. Being in this team will give anyone the opportunity to receive the best support for their problem meaning you must know our products and any common problems which may occur. Some things that may be asked from our customers are things such as installing EUP, Liveries, Vehicles or any one of our items. It could also be just an issue they’re having with their item. 

Aside from this, you will also get the opportunity to assist with BETA Testing. This means, before a product is released, you will test it to ensure it all looks good quality and is a worthy product.



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