I'm the CEO & Director of JA Modifications. I started this in 2021 in the peak of lockdown and quickly turned into one of the largest development servers out here! This is now my full time job and has been for over a year.

  • Matthew

  • Cubik

    I'm a duck

  • Social

  • Puck

    Hello! I'm Puck and i make cars. I did this website two.

  • Henson

    Hello, Im Henson or more know as TheHensonwood.

  • Nutcase

    Hey! I'm Ben otherwise known as Sgt_Nutcase and i love creating liveries. I started in 2021 and have developed my skills over time after starting with no prior knowledge. I have created some of the popular livery packs on the JA Designs website & have a huge passion about creating high quality liveries for every FiveM server out there!

  • Pyro

  • Blaze

  • Henry

  • Danny

    I'm Dan the Man creating the best liveries.

  • Enzo

  • Charlie

    Hey! I am Charlie, I joined the team September 13th 2022, in which has allowed me to grow my knowledge and become even more informed on the world of FiveM Development. I like to dedicate my time and service to the Community and hopefully provide a great customer service to all of those in need of assistance.

  • Bacco

  • Dylan