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Whelen Liberty I 2011 Generic Sedan

Whelen Liberty I 2011 Generic Sedan

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This package is a long awaited project in the making with extreme detail and awesomeness. Kick start your server with a low price package but maximum quality today.

This pack feautres:

- Modkits: ALPRs\Antennas\Spotlight Positioning\Partition\Wraparounds\Bumpers\Rambar\ Dashcam\Keyboard Positioning\Grill options
- 360° Environmental Lighting
- Extras
- 4K Liveries included
- Templates included
- Customised Handling lines
- Wide variety of vehicles
- Fully detailed interior
- Slicktop and Lightbar versions available
- Red & Blue \ Blue & Blue Lighting options
- Supports our Livery Packages such as SAST, LSPD, BCSO, LSCSO.

Want to try before you buy? Join our test server and test these to make sure they're perfect for you! 
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