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SAFR Livery Pack Remastered

SAFR Livery Pack Remastered

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The best SAFR Livery Pack hits the store. Including over 70 Liveries and unique designs this pack is the dream for all fire and rescue departments in San Andreas. Use it how you want, small or large it supports them all with the most popular developer templates in use.  

This package comes with numerous divisions; Rescue, Engine, Ladder, Utility, Command, Chief, Medical, Air Rescue, Marine Unit, Tankers, Ambulances, Squad, Brush and so many more options to chose from.

Below you can find every supported vehicle inside the pack

20 5500 Class Crew Cab Multifunction Water Rescue Trucks - Redneck
Small Boat - Redneck
Large Boat - Redneck
2021 EMS Legacy Pack - JA Designs
2014 Ram 2500 Wildland Brush Truck - Ripple
2015 Pierce Enforcer Ladder - JackTheDev
2016 Generic 5500 Class Multifunction Ambulance - Redneck
2015 Velocity Engine - Ripple
2018 Generic 4500 Class Multifunction Ambulance - Redneck
2016 Ram Brush Trucks - RedSaint
2018 Generic 5500 Class Offroad Crew Cab 6x6 Brush Truck - Redneck
2019 Ford 550 Wildland Brush Truck - Ripple
2020 Generic 5500 Class Multifunction Ambulance - Redneck
2020 Ram Battalion - RedSaint
2020 Ram Brush Trucks - RedSaint
2022 Generic Engine - RedSaint
2022 Generic Rescue - RedSaint
2022 Generic Tiller - RedSaint
2016 Generic Medium Class Multifunction Command SUV - Redneck
2019 Generic Large Class Multifunction Command SUV - Redneck
2020 Generic Medium Class Multifunction Command SUV - Redneck
Arrow Pack - RedSaint
AS365 Helicopter - Code 3 Development
Bell 412 Helicopter - Code 3 Development
EC145 Medical Helicopter - Code 3 Development
Enforcer Flat - JackTheDev
Enforcer Normal - JackTheDev
F250 - Redsaint Fly Car Pack
Fire Charger - Redsaint Fly Car Pack
Fire FPIU - Redsaint Fly Car Pack
Fire FPIS - Redsaint Fly Car Pack
Fire Tahoe - Redsaint Fly Car Pack
Fire RAM - Redsaint Fly Car Pack
F550 Brush Trucks - RedSaint
Fire Ambulance V2 - RedSaint
Ford 550 Ambulance - Ripple
Freightliner Engine - RedSaint
Freightliner Rescue - RedSaint
Freightliner Tanker - RedSaint
Freightliner Wildland - RedSaint
Seahawk - Code 3 Development
Squad Truck Pack - RedSaint
Velocity Engine V2 - Trooper Mikey
Tandem Axe Tanker - Trooper Mikey
Velocity Rescue - Trooper Mikey
Velocity Tanker - Trooper Mikey


Disclaimer: This pack does not include Vehicles. Liveries ONLY


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