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SAFR EUP Package

SAFR EUP Package

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Today you see a long awaited project. This EUP Pack supports 8.0+ and adds highly detailed and immersive clothing for your Fire Departments. This is perfect for all RP servers based in San Andreas and fits really well with both of my SAFR Livery Packs which are also for sale.

Whats included?

  • Male and Female Textures
  • Custom Badge Model
  • Class A,B,C Shirts for ranks such as Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain and Chief. Also includes EMS, Fire Investigator and many more!
  • T-Shirts for all ranks, emt, and companies such as Ladder, Engine and Rescue.
  • Cargo and Formal pants for different ranks and needs
  • Caps (Forward and back) with ranks and companies
  • Rescue Gear such as High Visibility clothing
  • Air Rescue uniforms for Subdivisions
  • High vis vest for Command, Firefighters and EMT's.
  • EMT Clothing and EMT Command clothing
  • Custom Turnout Gear

Need help installing? Open a ticket in our discord and we can do this for you.

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