January Newsletter


“Well, we did it, we survived the ultimate challenge of starting up a server from scratch. I want to thank everyone personally who have been along this journey with us this past year and especially thank the amazing staff we have here who work day in, day out to please our amazing customers. Here’s to another year and many to come at JA Designs. Happy new year!“


These newsletters are a project I’ve looked into and useful for everyone to see what we’re working on and about recent changes.

Over the first year, we made some awesome products and brought some amazing service to the fellow community. We quickly grew from just doing Liveries into making EUP, Logos, cars and even now looking into modelling. 

Projects in progress

As we move through January we’re strongly working on the Los Santos County Sheriff Livery Package. This pack is the same size as our newest LSPD Livery Package which supports an unreal amount of Vehicle Packages and can be viewed on our Discord. At the moment, there is no set date for the LSCSO Livery Package to release, however we’re hoping for these to release mid February.


We’re also continuing on the Whelen Liberty Pack. The project was put on hold whilst the year ended however it’s now back in full swing with some whopping new equipment and extreme details. At the moment we have no further updates on this nor an estimated time however we hope to see it soon! You can follow up on this in the Vehicle WIP Channel.

Other news

  • We launch our new website to be more advanced and customer friendly.
  • Sales hit a record of 2000 sales in the time between September and January. 
  • As we come up to our first year here at JA Designs, we reach 4000 members and are quickly growing into the mid 4000s. This wouldn’t be possible without our team!
  • Our Speed Enforcement Pack comes to the store! With 2 beautiful speed cars perfect for your servers. Go take a look!

Thank you all,


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