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Whelen Liberty I Package - Pre-Order

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The newest and best vehicle package on the market. This vehicle pack has detail, style and pleasure all in one with state of the art parts and equipment right in your hands. These vehicles come with everything you need to enjoy Grand Theft Auto with unique style and realistic lighting straight into your server. 

Currently, this package is only on Pre-Order. However, by Pre-Ordering you will recieve: 

- An increasing amount of early access vehicles:
   - 2019 Tahoe
   - 2014 Charger
   - 2018 Charger
   - 2016 Taurus
   - 2011 CVPI
   - 2014 Tahoe

- Early Access to the full package upon release
- Private updates on the package including images and a chance to ask questions on the pack
- Ghosted Liveries for the vehicles

This pack features:

- Full environmental lighting
- Different spawn codes for Slicktop and Lightbar versions
- Different light patterns for Slicktop and Lightbar versions
- Unique and multiple modkits to chose from to make the car into your exact style such as: 
     - Antennas
     - Lightbar
     - Rambar
     - Spotlight
     - Interior
     - ALPRs
     - Wheels

- 4K Liveries and Templates
- Extra's on all vehicles
- Customised Handling lines
- Easily Installable

This pack will include upon release:

- 2009 Charger
- 2011 CVPI
- 2013 Impala
- 2014 Tahoe
- 2014 Charger
- 2018 Charger
- 2018 Taurus
- 2019 Tahoe
- 2016 Explorer (Awaiting Model)
- 2018 F150 (Awaiting Model)

Need help installing? Open a ticket in our Discord and we can do this for you.

Want to try before you buy? We have our Vehicles available to test before you buy them, come check them out!

Public Development Server:

__Spawn code list: __

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