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2022 SAHP Car Package

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With a realistic pattern take a look at the brand new 2022 version of the SAHP Car Package. This has been completely revamped bringing a budget car pack right to the doors and what's better than cheap cars?

This car features an amazing realistic pattern with 360 degree environmental lighting and numerous extras so you can drive how you want with as many lights as you want. Also comes with not one, but two liveries, bringing the real feeling to the package. Finally, it uses the same parts as the California Highway Patrol so you can feel the emersive experience in the world of Grand Theft Auto.

Cars included:
2011 Vic
2013 FPIU
2013 Expedition
2016 FPIU
2018 Charger
2018 Tahoe
2018 Hellcat
2020 Charger

Package is on resell from PERSONALISED MODIFICATIONS

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