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This role holds a high responsibility and requires both customer service and non-bias opinions. Applying for this role does not mean you are a part of the team, there is a vetting process where we will check common things around the FiveM and development communities such as past experience, if you hold any leaks or have leaked in the past. 

What does the role involve?

By joining the administration team your sole priority is to handle reports, partnerships, complaints and bad reviews. 

Reports are of huge importance to us as it could be someone who is leaking one of our products or attempting to scam one of our community members. You would be the first person to assist with the type of event and help the customer with their report. 

Partnerships; these are our backbone to the community, they help with bringing customers and we help them with bringing customers and members, being a part of the Administration Team will allow you to assist with and maintain the partnerships that we hold at JA Designs. 

Complaints and bad reviews happen rarely, however there's nothing worse than a bad review being left out and not cared for. Your role here would be to see what their bad review is and to contact the customer in seeing what their reasoning is and how it can be resolved.



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